Which AP Psychology Review book is the best?

Our top pick for best AP Psychology review book is Barron’s AP Psychology. It contains a wealth of information covering all of the concepts and themes covered in the AP Psychology course and test. It also comes bundled with a number of full length practice tests, both in print and online.

What percentage is a 5 on AP Psych?

AP Score Distributions

Exam 5 4
AP Human Geography 14.4% 19.7%
AP Macroeconomics 18.0% 19.6%
AP Microeconomics 18.5% 24.0%
AP Psychology 14.1% 21.2%

Are Barron’s AP Psych practice tests harder?

Yes. All Barron’s AP preparation books that I have experience with are much harder than the actual exam.

Is a 3 on AP Psych good?

What is a good AP® Psychology score? The College Board designates scores of 3 and higher as passing scores. Qualitatively, scores of 3, 4, and 5 are described as “qualified”, “well qualified”, and “extremely well qualified” respectively.

What is the easiest AP class to take?

The easiest AP classes – ranked by student difficulty ratings

  • AP Computer Science Principles: 2.8 – Very Easy.
  • AP Chinese: 2.9 – Very Easy with especially high pass rate [1]
  • AP Psychology: 3.2 – Very Easy.
  • AP Human Geography: 4.1 – Quite Easy.
  • AP Environmental Science: 4.2 – Quite Easy, but unusual to score a 5 [2]
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What AP exam has the lowest pass rate?

AP Physics 1

Despite a reputation as one of the most difficult AP classes, Physics 1 is also one of the most popular—137,229 students took it in 2021. Physics 1 has the lowest pass rate of any AP exam (42.1%) along with one of the lowest percentages of students scoring a 5 (just 6.9%).

Which AP Psychology Review book is the best Reddit?

Which AP psychology book do you recommend?

  • Barron’s AP Psychology 7th Edition.
  • Princeton Review’s Cracking the AP Psychology Exam: 2017 Edition.
  • 5 Steps to a 5: AP Psychology 2017 – Published three days ago.

What is a 5 on AP Psychology?

As mentioned, the multiple-choice section is worth 66.7% of your final Psych score, while the free-response section is worth 33.3% of your score.

How Is the AP Psychology Exam Scored?

Raw Composite Score AP Score % of Students Earning Each Score (2021)
113-150 5 15.0%
93-112 4 22.0%
77-92 3 18.0%
65-76 2 14.0%

Does UCLA accept 3 on AP test?

Credit from Advanced Placement (AP) Exams

UCLA awards college credit for AP exams with scores of three or higher.

Is a 4 AP score good?

If you receive a 4 on your AP® exam, then you should be proud of yourself. … If you score a 3 or higher, then more selective colleges will begin to accept your AP® exam scores. The score of 4 is deemed by the College Board as “well qualified”, meaning that you know the material and could do well in the college class.

How do you get good grades in AP Psychology?

Here’s a basic outline of the steps you should take once you’ve prepared your materials and made a rough study plan for AP Psychology.

  1. Step 1: Take and Score a Practice Test. …
  2. Step 2: Analyze Your Mistakes. …
  3. Step 3: Review Weak Content Areas. …
  4. Step 4: Revise Your Test-Taking Strategies. …
  5. Step 5: Rinse and Repeat!
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Which AP exams are the hardest?

Top 10 Hardest AP Classes by Exam Pass Rate

AP Class/Exam Pass Rate (3+) Perfect Score (5)
1. Physics 1 51.6% 8.8%
2. Environmental Science 53.4% 11.9%
3. Chemistry 56.1% 10.6%
4. U.S. Government and Politics 57.5% 15.5%